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Senior Software Applications Engineer
Red Hat
August 2015 – Current

Developer on Red Hat’s Lightblue platform.

Lead Software Engineer / Scrum Master
January 2014 – August 2015

java, spring, mercurial, jenkins, jaxb, ajax, restful-architecture, scrum, scrummaster, spring-data, rx-java, amazon-kinesis, amazon-web-services, amazon-dynamodb, elastic-beanstalk

Scrum master and lead for team responsible for the middle-ware and infrastructure systems of the company, including public facing APIs, SDKs and web services.

  • Lead multiple successful projects to production utilizing an agile approach
  • Introduced DVCS (mercurial) to the company and trained developers on use
  • Introduced a common branching and release strategy into our development lifecycle
  • Worked with team members and the business to bring about new practices and new technologies that would speed up development and general time to production
  • Introduced continuous integration into our projects
  • Introduced and integrated new project management tools in to the company to bolster our processes and story management
  • Championed and introduced a microservice approach to a previously monolithic architecture

Senior Software Developer / Scrum Master
November 2010 – January 2014

java, hibernate, spring, spring-mvc, mercurial, jenkins, eclipse, jaxb, ajax, backbone.js, twitter-bootstrap, json, restful-architecture, jquery, scrum, scrummaster, mysql

Java application development associated with internal tools, client facing web applications and integrated systems. Responsible for project architecture, requirement gathering, management and inception as well as maintenance and an understanding of company goals and underlying business logic.

  • Introduced continuous integration into the environment and brought a CI plan to fruition.
  • Instrumental in bringing about plans for best end-to-end practices, both stylistically and architecturally.
  • Refined entity management across all applications by abstracting data access layer, saving hours on the domain of every new project, and days on migrating legacy projects.
  • Played a significant role in introducing and implementing new technologies such as Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap into our applications.
  • Planned and implemented integration with Google’s DFP API to provide reporting on DFP analytics, as well as other vendor APIs including Facebook and Twitter for a number of business cases.
  • Acting ScrumMaster and lead developer on a high-performing team responsible for the company’s top-level initiatives. Team is also first to plan and introduce SOA between the company’s many systems.
  • Extensive and continuous work done between the development team and the business team in order to facilitate the delivery of projects in a timely and technically sound manner.

Software Engineer
We Care Transportation
July 2009 – November 2010

Working on a small team of .NET developers writing and maintaining the software which handles the company’s operations.  Solely responsible for implementing and designing vehicle based fleet management software as well as hardware integration with .NET CF.

  • Recognized hardware needs and brought to fruition.
  • Used .NET Compact Framework for development under Windows CE.
  • Developed front end, touch screen interface.
  • Worked with native code to implement GSM connectivity.
  • Worked with SDKs to implement functionality and communication with GPS software.
  • Managed a number of interns and drove the advancement of their development skill sets.

Support Associate
Ingram Micro
February 2007 – July 2009

  • Dealt with enterprise customers on a daily basis managing relationships and providing support as well as obtaining margin for the company.
  • Responsible for dealing with priority customers, providing support and technical knowledge of software requirements based on their needs.
  • Responsible for developing internal tools for sales teams in both Java and .NET that increased sales ordering and quoting response times, allowing teams to be more efficient.


B.A. Computer Science
Minor in Business Management
Canisius College
2006 – 2010

Projects & Interests

Stack Overflow
Top 21%

Stack Exchange – Programmers
Top 18%

GitHub – persistence-api
Basic interface for Java Repositories, not bound to any specific framework

GitHub – persistence-api-hibernate
Hibernate based implementation of persistence-api.

GitHub – spring-data-rest-notifier
Framework (unfinished) for post-save notifications via STOMP over WebSockets, utilizing Spring HATEOAS and Spring Messaging / WebSockets. Meant to be utilized in conjunction with Spring Data REST.

GitHub – httpclient-maven-plugin
Very basic maven plugin that enables POSTing to an HTTP endpoint during or outside of the maven lifecycle.

Book Contributions

Introduction to Game Design
David McConnell, Jeffrey McConnell
ISBN-13: 978-0763781750 |  ISBN-10: 0763781754

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